Official Launch of The Crypto Sports Network | 2020/01/10 - 10:00 ESTPlatform

We are excited to announce the Launch of the Crypto Sports Network Esports Platform, driven by our own in-house Cryptocurrency CSPN!

- Create personalized Gamer & Clan Profiles, link your social channels and present yourself and your team to the public

- Show off your best moments in your & your clans personal Video and Screenshot Gallery

- Connect with other Gamers and Clans and find new friends to play with

- Hang out in our Public Gaming Chatrooms to find opponents for a match or talk to friends in the Private Chat

- Play thrilling 1v1 Matches against Gamers from across the Globe and climb up the Ladder of your favorite games

- Experience our Dynamic Ladder System and create Ladders for your game, game mode, platform and region by simply playing a match

- Optionally put CSPN Stakes on a Match to heat it up and earn Money through playing

- Play the newest game titles and still compete in older ones as well - Wanna play FIFA20 even if FIFA 21 is out? You can!

** SOON ** Get your team ready and prove your skills against other Clans in breathtaking Clan Wars

** SOON ** Show the world how 1337 you are and compete against other Gamers and Clans in official CSPN Tournaments to win amazing Prizes

** SOON ** Connect your Streaming Account to increase your fanbase and receive tips in CSPN

** SOON ** Buy cool stuff with your earned CSPN in the official CSPN Online Store

Be one of the first 1337 Users to receive a Sign Up Bonus of 1.337 CSPN into your CSPN Account right after registration.


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